Ellie James Jewellers are official online retailers for three of the most internationally known jewellers, Thomas Sabo, Swarovski and Trollbeads. We are able to provide all of our customers with beautiful pieces from simplistic beads to statement necklaces, for a wide range of occasions and to cater to a multitude of personal tastes and preferences.



  • 1895 marked the foundation of Swarovski and it has since become the world leader for breathtaking crystal creations through creativity, innovation and vision. Trading in approximately 170 countries, Swarovski is an internationally famous brand with a meaning behind it that represents expression and inspiration.
  • Inspired by the idea of making crystal accesible to more people, Daniel Swarovski, a bohemian jeweller, patents an electric cutting machine that cuts crystal more precisely than by hand. In 1895 he founds Swarovski in the small town of Wattens, high in the Austrian Alps, because the energy potential offered by the nearby rivers makes it the ideal destination for Swarovski's first production site.
  • Daniel's vision was to use crystal to create 'a diamond for everyone', and his pioneering spirit and glass-cutting innovations help us continue the mission today.


  • Swarovski crystal provides exceptional gift ideas from jewellery pieces through to housing decorations. Swarovski jewellery offers great potential in self expression, whether that being through an impactful pendant or an elegant tennis bracelet. New collections are launched on a quarterly basis in order to meet every need and want.
  • The Swarovski crystal figurines had humble beginnings, with a Swarovski craftsmen playfully gluing chandelier pieces together in the shape of a crystal mouse and such first Swarovski crystal figurine was created. The mouse became extremely popular and inspired a whole production line that now includes partnerships with Disney to bring to life your favourite characters in a refined way of decoration.
  • Swarovski we think in generations, not quarters. Our longstanding commitment to doing business in a way that respects people and the planet, combined with our quality craftsmanship and pioneering spirit is what sets us apart. Corporate Social Responsibility is both an integral part of our heritage and an essential characteristic of Swarovski. It has set us apart from our competitors for 120 years. 


  • Trollbeads began it's story in 1976, in the city of Copenhagen. The Danish city was home to Trollbeads first jewellery store where the exquisite sets of jewellery pieces we see today created their foundation. The heart of these collections include bracelets, necklaces, bangles, earrings, rings and finally, the beads themselves.
  • The beads came to fruition through a value that the brand still holds to this day, following the customer's wish. Through working and cooperation with the customers and their wishes, the collection grew. This was the invention and the beginning of an original jewellery concept that today is enjoyed worldwide.
  • The combination of originality, creativity, very high quality, and a love for quirkiness is what makes Trollbeads different from other jewellery. 
  • We believe that the urge to collect is a basic instinct. Our whole life is built up by memories and Trollbeads gives you the chance to symbolically carry these memories with you or just to have fun with them. We enjoy that our customers inspire us and keep on developing the concept.


  • THOMAS SABO is one of the leading global brands designing, selling and distributing jewellery, watches and beauty products for women and men. Our driving forces are a love of fashion and a fascination for creating innovative, highly-expressive accessories.
  • Extraordinary attention to detail is paid in the creation of trend-oriented designs which range from classic and elegant, to flamboyant and edgy. This, together with the highest standards of product quality, are the key characteristics of the world of THOMAS SABO. Expressive and iconic designs from the ladies' and men's collections, such as the love knot, skulls, leather bracelets and the feminine infinity rings, have acquired cult status in the THOMAS SABO product world and are highly-coveted among customers across the world.
  • Our mission is to create a product that delights and fascinates people. Our aims are:

to constantly inspire our customers with innovative and trend-setting creations
to spread our unique love for style
to define the industry standard with materials of the highest quality