Swarovski Only

Q - Why don't we use silver?

  • Silver is a soft metal and therefore not strong enough to hold our crystals, also Silver is higher maintenance and can tarnish. We triple plate, using a precious white metal core, copper for strength and finish in Rhodium which is part of the platinum family with a high shine finish much more in keeping with our crystals.


Q - Will the colour fade on the metal?

  • No, as long as you take care of it as per the care advice [on receipt].


Q - Why do I have to remove my jewellery prior to using perfume, hairspray, washing my hands etc?

  • If Liquids /lotions/ makeup settle behind a crystal this can cause damage to the setting and cause the stones to become loose, we advise that any water or products on the skin are allowed to dry fully before adding jewellery.  


Q - What is covered by my warranty?

  • If there is a manufacturing issue, Swarovski will repair the item where possible or may offer an exchange  where this is not an option. Where the issue is not a manufacturing fault, the item may be repairable for an additional charge, depending on the damage incurred. We would request that an item is returned to store in order to make the correct assessment of the product.


Q - I am allergic to a lot of earrings , will I react to Swarovski earrings?

  • While we cannot 100% guarantee that no one will react to a metal, as there may be individuals with extreme sensitivity, Swarovski adopt the highest possible degree of testing and use titanium , one of the most premium metals available, is used for the earring posts.  


Q - What is Swarovski Crystal?

  • Swarovski Crystal has been a closely guarded secret since the business began over 100 years ago, only Swarovski family members are allowed to know!


Q - What is Rose Gold?

  • Rose gold is a mixture of yellow Gold and Copper Alloy to give a light pink appearance, this also gives a stronger product as copper is a very durable metal.


Q - What length are the chains on Swarovski necklaces?

  • The standard length is 16 or 18 inches, with normally 3 options on fastening to allow flexibility on necklines. We also sell necklace extenders in all 3 colourways which give an additional 2 inches.