Size Guide

Swarovski Ring Sizes

UK J1/2 = Size 50

UK L =  Size 52

UK N = Size 55   

UK P/Q = Size 58  

UK R = Size 60

Trollbeads Sizes (Images Required in this section)

Find your ring size

If you are not sure what ring size you have, you can measure it yourself. Take a piece of string and wrap it around your finger and measure the length with a ruler. If you have a measuring tape, use that instead. If your measurement is 54mm, for example, then your ring size is 54.

However, to be completely sure, we recommend visiting your local Trollbeads store - they have the correct tools to give you your correct ring size.

Your ring size is only a guide. If the ring has a small, thin band you might need one size smaller than a ring with a broader band.

You should also keep in mind that the size of your finger can change over the course of a month, from Summer to Winter, if you have been active with your hands, or if you have had your hands in your pockets for a long time.

Find your bracelet size

When measuring for bracelets, measure tightly where your wrist is broadest and add another 2cm (20mm). This will make room for your added lock.

When measuring for bracelets that roll over your hand, measure tightly where your hand is broadest.

Be aware that the smallest bracelet (12cm) is very small and is intended for a child while the largest bracelet (22cm) is extremely long.

Remember that the length shown on this website is the total length of the bracelet without a lock attached. Locks are sold separately. We recommend trying on a few different sizes at your local Trollbeads retailer to be sure you have the correct length.

FOR EXAMPLE: If you are looking to purchase a 20cm bracelet then you will need an 18cm chain. When you have added your lock (2cm) you will then have an overall length of 20cm.

Meassurement chain

Ready to wear bracelets

If you are purchasing a ready made, ready to wear, or invitation bracelet, please note that the listed length of the bracelet indicates the total length of the bracelet with the lock attached. Measure your wrist as above.

Find your bangle size

Meassure the size of your wrist to decide which size bangle you will need. Make sure the opening is big enough for your wrist, yet not too big for the bangle to slip off.

We recommend trying on a few different sizes at your local Trollbeads retailer to make sure you have the correct size.